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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

1Y0-A25: The Right Way to Prepare

If you are thinking on the lines on advancing your career in Citrix engineering, you need to invest some time and effort to achieve your goal. An additional professional qualification is just what you need; in the case of Citrix engineering, make up your mind and take the 1Y0-A25 exam and get the certification titled Engineering a Citrix Visualization Solution. Once you clear the 1Y0-A25 exam, your certification demonstrates the required knowledge and skill of monitoring, implementing and troubleshooting Citrix solutions and deal with related technologies.
Primarily, the certification shows that you are the perfectly suited professional when it comes to interpreting project plans, documenting the set up regarding Citrix technology, and come up with appropriate design for Citrix visualization solutions and deal with any problems that may arise.
The certification exam tests you on several skills related to Citrix visualization solutions so you need to prepare thoroughly. Since you have comprehensive preparation materials available online, you do not need to freak out! You can compare different brands offering test preparation material and samples. Reliable sources include Examskey. You can browse through the exam material made purchasable by these brands. Luckily, you will have an opportunity to test the study material so that your money does not go wasted in case you do not find the resource material helpful.

Safe Investment

Some brands offer you a money back guarantee. Make sure you look for such brands and purchase a study pack after carefully reading the preview or customer reviews. There are very well respected sources like ExamsKey that would not only offer you the right material, but also respects your choice by offering you a money back guarantee. In case you do not like what you have purchased, you can have your purchase undone, and get your money back. Same is the case with ExamsKey.
For Self Test Training, you can access case studies along with practice papers and sample questions which are offered by many respected brands like Self Test Training. Self Test Training offers you updated test preparation material so before you buy, you should ensure that the resource pack you are about to purchase is recent.

Get Answers

When you plan on taking a certification exam, you would obviously have a lot of questions. You can get all your queries answered as Self Test Training offer free customer support for all. All you need to do is call them up and flood them with your queries regarding the exam and their test preparatory materials and policies. Self Test Training also offers customer support for all. It is totally up to you whether you want to purchase the study guides or not. Self Test Training is going to guide you either way.

Exam Outline and Expiration Policy

Like most Citrix exams, 1Y0-A25 expires after three years of qualifying the exam. To renew your certification, you need to retake the exam. While Self Test Training give you the details regarding the exam, here is a brief outline that would give you an idea how the test pattern generally flows:
There are hundred and seen questions on the test; of all the questions, hundred multiple choice questions and seen are simulation questions. The test is taken in English language only. For this reason, the test takers who are not native English speakers are given some extra time to complete the test. Where native speakers are given 240 minutes to finish the test, non natives have 270 minutes.
Now that you have decided on taking the exam, choose the right prep resources from popular brands like Self Test Training and get started with your preparation today!